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Dumpling the Tiger is a story about an unexpected adventure and friendship between two very different individuals. “Is this your tiger?”, asks the girl to everyone in town in order to find out where this tiger belong!

RM 45

Includes: Find Tiger Notice
Suitable ages

3 - 10 years old

RM 70

Includes: Sticker set, waterproof sticker, postcard, two colouring sheeta, Find Tiger notice


Includes: Sticker set, clear sticker, postcard, Find tiger notice, two colouring sheets

Suitable ages

3- 10 years old


Includes: 3 books + 1 set of Special Edition (Sticker set, clear sticker, postcard, paper phone holder, Find Tiger notice)

Suitable ages

3- 10 years old

“Dumpling the Tiger” is akin to a heartfelt love letter to my homeland, Malaysia. Growing up in this tropical country, filled with the warmth of the people and its culture, I’ve always wanted to infuse these special qualities into my favorite things – pictures and books!

I hope this story offers you a delightful escape, where we can wander alongside a wild animal through the familiar landscapes of Malaysia, Singapore, and other ASEAN countries. May the joy of these pages fill your heart!

My Story

Hi, I’m Beatrice, and I recently have my own balcony and a kitchen full of my favourite cups! I also have a cat named Hansa, like the colour yellow but he’s actually orange.

As a kid, I have always loved creating scenarios in my head, for things that could’ve happened. Though adults called it day dreaming, which I highly disagree since I didn’t just dream since I also drew it out in full comic pages with a boy who sat next to me in class when we were 9. We drew adventures built on our misadventures and it became the only thing I look forward to when it comes to school.

That said, I still love being a kid – the audacity to combine both stupid bravery and endless curiosity makes the ambiguity of what the future holds so much more compelling and exciting. Creating, it takes me right back to that place as an adult. 2020 through 2021 has been unpleasant for the many of us, since distance and isolation has been a common theme.

And this book is born out of an adventure I long to take – both in the content but also in the act of creating. Thank you for giving me the chance to reach out to you this way, and keeping my dream alive. It seemed so out of reach at first, and now its in your hands

x Bea

Special Special Thanks

The ones that has blessed me with their love, support and encouragements

The ones who has helped me with flow and story

The one that inspires

All of the above and more
my love, LAI

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Beatrice Oh (aka. ohbeatricee) is a full time artist and illustrator based in KL, Malaysia. She specialise in graphic design using watercolour illustrations and loves creating with her brushes and watercolour.

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