Malaysian Hustle

Malaysian Hustle is a series of lifestyle that many Malaysians may have experienced in one way or another. It depicts a general family making a living in Malaysia with what they know best. The children in each illustrations bring out the playful factor that juxtapose with the duty and responsibilities our parents carried while raising […]

Mid-Autumn Mooncake Festival

Client: The Gardens MallTheme: Wonderfilled Mooncake FestivalBrief: To create a series with a mix of childlike wonder and fun with their featured mooncakes THE KEY VISUALS THE PROCESS Mini stories were drafted as a guide for the product photography.This format was used for the final display on their Instagram as their social media campaign. THE […]


An Inktober prompt with the word – HERBS This prompt reminded me of the soup made my mom that are always full of herbs and ingredients. Asian herbal soup is the best especially after a long day. It always brings me home. Text written in mandarin – Mom’s herbal soup! ☘️ Where she puts together […]

Keep It Rollin’

 I made this for The Sun Daily in one of their sections for Malaysia’s Independence Day! This piece is inspired by the hues and beautiful design of Putrajaya Mosque. Section Write Up “I think we have come a long way as a country and my hope is that we keep moving forward – gracefully, intentionally, even […]

Autumn Returns

In Chinese culture, a round shape symbolises completeness and reunion. This piece is made for Mid-autumn Festival, showing the annual reunion of a beautiful friendship.


An Inktober prompt with the word – POPPY


Until we learn to listen and learn from people that are not like us, only will we know what we can do moving forward. I’m still learning, listening, researching and speaking up where I can find the words in light of BLM movement and also our own issues in our country. Sometimes, we’re just a […]