30 Minutes Workshop

I was invited to do a taster workshop of a multiple 30 minutes sessions, where attendees get to have a brief idea on what its like to do watercolour. While I, have a different idea – I want them to FALL IN LOVE with it!

Morale Boosting (in 30 mins)

So I figure the best way for a person to fall in love in any craft is to boost their morale on their first encounter with it. I came up with a few categories of things where they can either easily relate to like daily objects they can see such as plants, jars, ceramic cups, bottles and cats – all of which could be done within 30 minutes from sketching, colouring and detailing!

I first get them to select one illo from the options, and then I guided them from the shaping of illustration to the finalisation. Most importantly, having them learn how to create it with other mediums such as colour pencils too, which contributes to the quick detailing!

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Beatrice Oh (aka. ohbeatricee) is a full time artist and illustrator based in KL, Malaysia. She specialise in graphic design using watercolour illustrations and loves creating with her brushes and watercolour.

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